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A.I.M. Sales imports the Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms. These all terrain machines are available in a range of models with lift heights to suit a variety of applications. Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms enable the operator to move safely & efficiently from one position to another on rough terrain while elevated.  The reason so many people choose Hydralada is their proven reliability combined with minimal running costs.

Models Include:

Twin Lift 200 With a 2.0m lift platform height has been specially designed to carry a fruit loaded storage bin and accommodate up to four persons. The adjustable width platform allows each person to work out either side of the platform, pruning, tree training, thinning and harvesting. A 'Bintrac' module can be fitted at harvest time which moves the bins through the platform for the pickers to harvest into. The full bin passes to the rear of the platform and is lowered to the ground on hydraulic forks for the tractor to collect

Compact Models Easily maneuvered and economical, with cage floor lift heights of 2.8 – 3.2m these sleek low tailed designs make it easy to work in orchards amongst low hanging branches and narrow row spacing.

Hi Lift Models Two Models, the 360 & the 440 are the perfect choice for orchards with taller trees. With floor of cage lift heights of 3.6m & 4.4m, they are popular models that are used for many applications, from erecting and maintaining protective high net structures, farm shed construction and medium size fruit tree orchards.

Maxi Models With increased lift heights and more power, the Maxi is naturally the favourite of the avocado and industrial industries and remains the number one choice of many today. With lift platform heights from 5.4m – 10.0m these workhorses are built to deliver stability, traction, reach & performance in the most difficult uneven terrain.